Friday, 28 January 2011

It's Just Lunch

It was one of those last minute decisions that turned an ordinary moment into a great memory. It was our day off, so Daddy was at home and Ethan and Talia were about to have their mid-day meal. Why don't we bring the kids' lunch downstairs for a no-fuss picnic?

They rode their toy scooter and tricycle down and we brought a picnic basket and towel for a mat. It was a cool and windy day. "Mmmm... yummy!" They exclaimed as they ate their ordinary porridge and sipped their everyday water bottles. Things always taste better al-fresco! It all lasted only 30 wonderful minutes, but it was the best and simplest lunch-time picnic ever!

Oh yeah, it was a nice change and a sort of mini-lunch-date-with-kids for Mum and Dad!

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