Saturday 22 January 2011

Marina Bay City Park

Today was a rare Sat morning that we didn't have to work on so we took the kids out for a fun bike ride on Marina Bay! Weather was great and it's such a beautiful bay to explore.... Plus parking at Marina Link Mall is now free for 4 hrs on weekends with any purchase from the mall!

Ethan is now very agile on his bike and Talia surprised us by balancing for about 4-5 secs on a downhill slope! She loves her little bike and is impossible to keep her off it when she sees Ethan riding.

We had a great time cooling off in the air-conditioned comfort of the Marina Bay City Gallery where they loved playing with the interactive display model of the whole Marina Bay area! Here they are sitting below a huge touchscreen which we dubbed the Giant iPhone! There was even a large contingent of design students from Kuala Lumpur who eagerly snapped pictures of Talia on her little bike, cooed "How cute!" and asked me where I got the balance bike from.

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Elmer S. Schlosser said...

The back of bike has a regular seat with a shifter attached to the frame under the seat. The bike pedals like a regular bike and the rider can slow themselves down by pedaling backwards for the coaster brake or pulling up on the break lever. The handbrake on the bike is different from many other bikes. It is attached underneath the handlebar, which is a piece of round tubing attached to the back of the wheelchair seat. recommend that the rider pull the brake with both hands widely spaced. If you break on just one side it will cause the bike to brake unevenly and stretch the cables.