Thursday, 6 January 2011

Talia's Brompton Bike Seat

I have been having such joy with my Brompton folding bike that I wanted Talia to be able to join me in the fun. After some Internet research I discovered that there were no child seats available for a compact folding bike like mine, but there were some references to people who modified seats to fit on to the front luggage rack!

First, a proof of concept was done my strapping a portable high chair to my front luggage frame. This is an alloy frame that normally holds a bag securely and locks it to a special holder on the bicycle frame. Instead of my normal luggage, I attached my daughter! Talia enjoyed the short ride downstairs very much but this "fabric only" seat was only suitable for a short test. It showed that leg clearance was adequate, Talia sits low and in front in such a way that the centre of gravity makes for very stable riding, and her position does not impede my cycling leg stroke.

I then went to purchase a proper child seat. I settled on an inexpensive $35 seat that suited itself to modification and installation on my Brompton. We did a longer test at East Coast Park (with Talia's helmet - she just doesn't have it on here before the ride) and it was a success!

From a folding bike about which shop owners say, "You can't put a bike seat on that!" to the best bike seat position available! No standard bike could have the benefits of mass distribution, stability of ride, quick seat removal, view of child by adult rider, and excellent view by child that this has! And at less than $40 including modifications! Plus, the seat can even stays on when the bike is folded...amazing Brompton design! It's been so good that I am continuing to improve it with further modifications so more pics and cycling escapades with Talia coming soon! This could be a good Daddy-Daughter activity to do together...


TgRhuGuy said...

U have a beautiful family. thx for sharing. makes me wanna buy a brompton too :)

Kelwin said...

Hi Ian,
I am facinated with your brommie mod, I would like to perform a similar mod with mine to allow my daughter to ride with me. Possible to email me/post some details on your mod? like how you secured the seat to the front catch.


Claire François said...

Hi! Same as Kelwin, I am looking for a child seat for both my children who are 3,5 and 1,5 years old. I would be willing to pay for installation if you would like to do it for us! We have 2 bromptons and live in Brooklyn (Greenpoint).
Let me know!

Anonymous said...


I'm from SG and I'd like to do that for my 4-year old gal too. Please, please, could you post more pictures, how it is attached, front view, back view, with the rack off the block on your blog please? What you used to attach the child seat to the rack?

Thanks a million!


Anonymous said...

Hi, I am from SG and keen to get a TERN folding bike.
Just wondering if you think it is possible to get a front mounted child seat?


Anonymous said...

I would also like to request info as to how you did this? Thanks