Saturday, 28 October 2006

Moon Yuet Party

Ethan's 1 month party has come and gone and it was a great time! Big thanks to supporting friends and family, especially Mah Mah Pearl and friends who whipped up some great food.

Yeh Yeh & Mah Mah with the little one

We were worried Ethan would be cranky like he has been the last few days, but he was the perfect baby sleeping most of the time then waking up for good photo opportunities. In fact, many times we took photos while he was still sleeping in his hi-tech buggy which also proved popular among the guests!

Pek Ya and Wan Ling with their best maternal smiles

Ethan woke up for a quick snack. He didn't get to eat any of the adult food, but we had some expressed milk in a bottle so that others can try feeding him. Goo Ma had great fun feeding her little nephew. He quickly drank all the milk and was soon back to sleep again.

Goo Ma feeding Ethan for the first time

Wow, we got a ton of presents. We don't think Ethan will ever get more presents at one time ever again in his life! Pity he is too young to appreciate all the gifts. Our car was full of the gifts, and the bag was stuffed with ang-pows and cards. While packing the gifts in the car, a button inside one of the packages was pressed and "choo choo" sounds were heard. I think Daddy is going to play trains with Ethan soon!

It was an amazing haul

It was great to see some old friends and receive all the love from everyone. Thank you!!

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