Wednesday, 25 October 2006


These last couple of days we have been walking on tip-toes around Ethan as he's been sleeping very lightly. He's fine at night but during the day he's awake lots and only sleeps very short amounts, so Mum has had to keep the milk bar open almost all day which makes her quite tired.

Mr. Fish floating in the pic is from this great musical mobile we got from Renata's church office. And the Smiling Worm (left) is a new toy from one of the ladies in Ivan's church. Very funny cos she gave it to him after he preached last Sunday and the closing illustration (for light at the end of the dark tunnel of depression and being downcast) was Ethan's worm in his ear! So our musical tapeworm toy will be a reminder of this milestone event. Everyone's been asking, but we still haven't heard what type of worm it was...

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