Thursday, 5 October 2006


Uh oh... Ethan is in the clinic for a regular visit. A bawling kid just left the room we're going into. It's called "Venepuncture Room". Ethan seems to think that the sign on that room doesn't sound too pleasant.

On the brighter side, Ethan slept really well last night. Ivan bottle-fed him with expressed milk at midnight (first time), then there was one wake at 4am until we all got up at 8am so we had a good rest with only one waking!

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Anonymous said...

Good morning Wei Zhong! At least it is morning here in London, and you would do well, all cosily wrapped up like that here today, where it is rather cold and rainy. That is because it is autumn Big hug, kisses and love from Dai Gu Ma. xxx