Friday, 24 August 2007

Daddy's Funny Goggles

We have both been talking about getting LASIK done for some time and we took the plunge. Well, I took it first. Here I am immediately after the surgery on Thursday afternoon. My eyes were nearly shut cos they were a bit puffy and hard to keep open. The eye shield is to stop me from rubbing my eyes during my sleep in the first 24 hours as that's the most crucial time for healing. I also have to use some eye protection when playing with Ethan in the first 7 days of healing so I don't accidentally get whacked.

I slept a lot that first day with most of the discomfort (mild-moderate stinging pain) coming 5 hours after the operation when the numbing eye drops wore off. So I took some panadol and was okay again. The next day I woke up and discomfort was gone and I was seeing clearly. The check-up went well and I am now seeing nearly 6/6 which is very good recovery after 1 day. Vision will fluctuate in the first 7 days but I am seeing very well now and am very satisfied! Must be gentle with the eyes and diligent with my eye drops especially in this first week as the eye heals.

Dr Julian Theng who set up the Eagle Eye Centre at Mt Alvernia did a great job and is very reassuring, which helps you keep calm. Plus his staff are all excellent and the $1 cappucino is quite good considering it comes from a machine! He spot on cleared my 550+ myopia and 350+ astigmatism though I have thin corneas. So I highly recommend him and his centre. Thanks to Judy and Yogi who recommended him to us! I also bought his small book called "A Long Sighted Look at Presbyopia" and now understand what presbyopia is and what we can expect as we go past 40 and may need reading glasses. I always thought that was long-sightedness setting in but it's not! If you were misinformed like me it's a good read as many opticians will not know the various types of treatments available so it's good to educate oneself.

I'm looking forward to be able to play rough and boisterous games with Ethan now without having to take off my glasses and look for a safe place to put them all the time. And now when he rides on my shoulders I can properly see where I am walking! Renata says she has now married the man in her wedding album. Ha ha... if you don't know what she means, click on the wedding album link on the right!

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