Saturday, 11 August 2007

Charming Pair

We didn't have that many pictures of Renata and Ethan before because he was often breastfeeding so I (Ivan) can't post pictures of that! But now I get more presentable pics of my lovely wife and cute son! Ethan is fully on the bottle, and the milk bar is closing down, getting ready to re-open only for "next shift". Dunno when that will happen...only God knows! Ethan sure doesn't know what's coming when he's no longer the centre-of-the-universe.

We're especially enjoying the last couple of weeks with him. He's weaned, sleeping better, in a good mood, and we think he lost a bit of fat so he's looking that much more handsome! Don't tell him, but he was actually quite fat about a month ago. We didn't post any of the double-chin and puffy cheek pictures, and certainly not the tired-looking ones of all of us when he refused naps and woke up at night for a while...

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Anonymous said...

What a darling picture of Mom and son. What a handsoem little man. What delight he brings us to watch him grow before our eyes. I just miss that we can't literally get to know him. One day he will know we love him. Thanks for keeping up the blog.
Special love and prayers to Mom and Dad. What a precious family. We love you and miss you.
Miriam and Wichit