Thursday, 23 August 2007

Sea Urchin Lessons

We bought this cheap toy a long time ago and Ethan loves it. When you shake it it lights up and flashes and multiple colours and it's made of this rubbery material that is reaaaally stretchy. It looks like a hot pink sea-urchin with a smiley face with a long dangly stretchy string. Ethan loves playing with it!

Friendly sea urchin only costs $1 so it's definitely made in China and perhaps has some unsafe substances in it with all the news reports going on nowadays. But gosh, it's near impossible to avoid all made-in-China items isn't it? Thus, we pray that there is no such thing as pink-dyed lead rubbery-stretchies... especially since Ethan loves "twanging" it with his two front teeth.

Daddy tries to make appropriate twanging sounds of varying pitch and volume depending on how hard Ethan pulls on it with his hands and how far he pulls it back with his teeth. This is elementary guitar theory going on here... together with some amplitude, frequency, and tension lessons. Dunno if Ethan is picking up anything from it yet.

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