Friday, 16 February 2007

Bath Moods with Shorter Hair

As Ethan gets older, his mood at bath time is changing. He's always enjoyed baths, but now he's more active and kicks around often splashing me a lot during the bath. Now he's also strong enough for me to sit him up which makes scrubbing his back a lot easier. And the great thing is that after bath and while he's being changed, he cries less. He loves being wrapped in his towel after his hot onsen!

He's thinking how nice it would be one day to go to a real onsen in Japan. Maybe one of those outdoor ones with the steam rising above the snow!

Have you noticed that Ethan's hair looks neater now? That's because he had his first haircut last week. We couldn't take pictures as it took both Mummy and Daddy to pull it off. Mummy sat him on the bathroom counter-top with his feet in the sink while Daddy trimmed his sides and top. Even more handsome than usual!

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RottieBoy said...

Hey!! he actually looks quite cute!!.. almost as cute as my doggy..almost (kidding :)