Thursday, 22 February 2007

Chinese New Year Visits

This is Ethan's first Chinese New Year! We did a fair amount of visiting and spent lots of time with family over the holidays which was nice. Ethan had a couple of red shirts and this bright orange tie-dye one that makes him look very grown-up!

At U. Kenneth and A. Bee's he behaved himself very well and allowed his Uncle & Auntie to hold him for a while so we could grab this great picture. It's the first time they have seen Ethan since the moon yuet. He was small then but is not quite big for his age, weighing in at just over 7kg now. In the picture above, the toy "tape worm" next to Ethan is a measuring worm 60cm long, so you can see that he is quite "long" now!


RottieBoy said...

HEY!! WOW!! what a sweet young couple!!

Congratulations on your new Child Uncle Ken & At Bee!! ha!! hah!! HAH!! kek! kek! :)

Anonymous said...

Aunty Bee and Uncle Ken, you both look great with such a smiley baby