Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Sydney Aquarium

We're back from our Sydney trip - our first overseas holiday as a family with Ethan! (not counting the short Thailand mission trip we took him on last year). On one of the days we went to Darling Harbour and visited the Sydney Aquarium. We remembered how much Ethan enjoyed Sentosa's Underwater World so we took him to see this place.

At one spot, a seal decided to come up the ramp and pose with Ethan!

The surrounding area is quite lovely. It was a sunny yet not-too-hot day and we enjoyed the bay views. Ethan and Daddy often wore their matching hats with printed nams "Ethan" and "Ivan" given to us by church friends Norman & Janet. It was perfect for Ethan as it shielded his eyes from the harsh Aussie sun.

After a tiring day walking around we settled into the Lindt Cafe for refreshment and Ethan's lunch by the bay.

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