Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Worm 2 - The Sequel

Here we are back at the ENT clinic where Ethan first came during the worm in ear incident. We are back because 2 days ago we noticed some spots of blood on Ethan's left ear--the same ear where they found the worm. With the memories of that incident fresh in our minds we were naturally concerned but as it was Chinese New Year we decided to use the antibiotics from the last visit until we were able to see our ENT doc today. Fortunately, there was no infection or damage to his ear, and turned out to be a case of long and adventurous fingernails! Phew! Click on "Ear Troubles" to see the collection of posts about his last ear saga.

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Anonymous said...

EKKKK!! more potential worms, anyways glad to hear it was nothing serious.