Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Ethan's Good Natured Self

Since my last post about being home alone with Ethan he has been SUCH a good boy. He's been so good that I often cuddle him and tell him so. We think he's developing godly character! Right now, he's sitting on my lap while I type this blog entry. He's had his morning bottle feed, and like the last few days (almost a week) he's been taking the bottle without any fuss. He'll coo when he's content, laugh a lot when we sing to him, and cry when he's upset or at night when he's trying to sleep. As a whole this last week he hasn't cried for an extended period. We're wondering if Jesus was like this when he was a baby! (no crying he makes...)

Ethan's also been bottle-feeding from our grandparents succesfully, which helps Renata's transition back to work. All of this is much credit not only to His Cuteness' good nature but also Renata's patience and persistence!

We're a bit short on photos recently cos they're all in Renata's PC which has gone on the blink a few days ago. Our home PC's are 5-6 years old now so Ivan needs to shop for a new mainboard/CPU and do some surgery. In fact, the picture above was taken during our first family holiday up to KL recently, but we can't blog it yet cos all the pictures are stuck in Renata's PC.

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Anonymous said...

You can come to Leonie Hill and download your photos. I am used to seeing new photos of Ethan all the time, so please.....