Friday, 6 April 2007

Bethany Methodist Nursing Home

After our Good Friday service at Woodlands EFC, we popped by Causeway Point for a quick lunch and to buy a swimsuit (more on that super-cute item later). Then we went to Bethany Methodist Nursing Home as some of Renata's church group from BRMC were there to host a service for the residents. After the service we mingled with some of them and of course (a) Ivan couldn't understand any of the dialects and (b) Ethan brought much joy and big smiles to their faces! Here's one lady who really enjoyed carrying Ethan. He took quite a liking to her as well, happily sitting on her lap for quite a while.

Afterwards there was a short reception where Ethan also got to eat his tea-time milk snack. He finished that, but then was very interested in what Mummy was drinking. He wanted the water so much that we gave him a bit to try...from a different type of bottle! Most of it went down his shirt but he had lots of fun!

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