Thursday, 19 April 2007

Pouring Water on Mr. Penguin

One of the water games we play with Ethan is The Pouring Water Station. We're trying to get him comfortable with water on his face and head! Just beginning now he's learning that it's fun to pour water on his friend Mr. Penguin. Soon, it will be fun to pour water on his own head and face...but we'll need some more time! We also discovered he likes to "swim" in the front position but he doesn't do the frog-like kick that we thought babies did. Hmmm....maybe that will come later?

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RottieBoy said...

hmmmm !!...

You can bring him up to KL to play water with Ms Rottie.

Ms Rottie (aka "Twinkles") loveeees playing with little kiddies and loveeees water...thus I'm sure she would really really enjoy combining both activities.

Ethan would have a grand time too :)