Thursday, 12 April 2007

Vaccinations at 6 months

Today we went to the clinic for Ethan's 6 month checkup and 6-in-1 vaccination. Medical care is so good and well organized! We have a nice booklet that tells us what he's had and when, and a checklist of developmental milestones. Tracks moving object - check! Raise head and looks up at 90 degrees when placed on stomach - check!

Injections for these vaccinations are quick but not painless. That needle goes straight into the muscle on his thigh. Ethan is normally very good about going thru pain, but he's been extra bothered cos of his teething recently. He and Dad are looking a little worried waiting for their turn in the venepuncture room.

After that Ethan fell fast asleep even before we left the hospital. He was biting on his teether and feel asleep with it in his mouth. By the time we took this photo it had slid out...he looked even cuter when it was half inside!

The afternoon/evening brought on a mild fever due to the vaccine (it's quite normal). One teaspoon of kiddy paracetemol and he cooled down soon after.

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