Sunday, 22 April 2007

Time to Unwind

It has been a busy busy week but now we have a chance to unwind... Renata was preaching at BRMC, and Ivan had his second missions weekend at WEFC which was an absolutely amazing time seeing God at work among the people! Yeah! Here's the Tan family enjoying having Ethan with them since he's usually in Woodlands on Sunday. Grandma especially enjoyed parading him amongst approving aunties!

We hadn't managed to celebrate Renata's birthday so here was the opportunity with Ruth visiting from Sydney. We went to Waraku, a Japanese restaurant we liked, and of course played with the baby whom we love. A new game he likes now is "Standing" where we lift it up then bring him down until his feet touch a solid surface. He instinctively tries to "stand", then giggles and collapses.

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