Monday, 2 April 2007

Making Adjustments

On any trip when you travel with a group, adjustments must be made... and certainly on a mission trip! One of Ethan's adjustments was bathing in the sink! On this trip we stayed in a cheap hotel so things were relatively easy for us.

Though things were quite cramped in the sink, Ethan enjoyed playing with the water coming out of the faucet and looking at his handsome self. You can see though that his cuteness was slightly marred by what we think were insect bites he got a few days before we left Singapore.

His skin condition got worse during the time we were away due to his sensitive cheeks. As a result, he was more bothered and cried more during the flight back. But now we're back home with our full array of creams and medicines and things are okay. Over all, our brave little trooper experienced many new things and enjoyed the new sights and sounds. He less enjoyed the change in schedule though, especially his sleep times. We're keeping in mind for the next time we take a trip with him...

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Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie baby

Missed you today, and no one even called to tell us how you were!

love you

Mah Mah