Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Love That Inhaler

Poor Ethan needs an inhaler. His breathing has been sounding "chesty" and Dr Chang Li Lian said he should have one. No surprise since his Dad had asthma when young too. The BIG SURPRISE was how well he took to the inhaler. At the doctor's office he very calmly accepted the aero-chamber and breathed in very well. Normally, kids fight aero-chambers fiercely! Dr Chang said that he's one of the best... no, the best one she's seen for taking the inhaler when so young!

Even more amazing was that over the next few days he actually LIKES the inhaler. He grabs for it and pulls it towards his mouth. After the first dose, he bounces up and down and reaches for it for the second dose! The kid is getting high!

Here is also checking out it's operation and construction. Looks like he's almost figured out how to work it, but he won't have the strength to push it for a long time...

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