Monday, 16 July 2007


Just over 3 months ago we figured that Ethan was allergic to milk -- after a reaction when we tried giving him formula. Interestingly his persistent rash also disappeared when Mummy stopped taking milk and dairy products as it seemed to be coming through the breastmilk too! Our doctor advised that we continue avoiding dairy products for 3 months to give Ethan's body a chance to develop further before trying again. Good advice...although that meant that Ethan had to have a Hypoallergenic formula (which tastes much less appealing than regular formula!) and that Mummy had to forego all manner of chocolates, ice-cream, a multitude of desserts as well as her favourite fix of teh-tarik!!

So it was good news all round when we returned to formula this week and Ethan was fine! Teh-tarik never tasted so good!

If you look very carefully, you will be able to see Ethan's first little teeth erupting in this picture.

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