Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Strangers Keep Touching Me!

It's universally known that babies bring people's guards down and everyone will warm to a cute and smiling baby. Yet, it's funny how in western countries people will coo at the baby and talk to you while in Singapore people will talk to the baby and completely ignore the parents. In fact it's common that strangers will look at Ethan, talk to him, and even touch him without even a single look at us! We have gone from surprised to amused at this phenomenon...

It is especially funny at restaurants when the people repeatedly walk by and furtively brush their hands against his legs. Or they look at him for a long time and just before leaving they very quickly walk up and stretch out their hand to tickle his tummy. It all happens too fast for mum and dad to do anything but laugh and ponder this Singaporean phenomenon! Ethan thinks it's all normal...he doesn't know that strangers find him irresistable!

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Anonymous said...

thank you ivan for your tip! :) been too busy and tired to post anything recently though. enjoy reaidng your regular updates.