Sunday, 29 July 2007

Bus Ride

Ethan had his first SBS Bus Ride last Thursday (his actual first bus ride was at Sentosa a month ago). It was Daddy's day off but Mummy had to work so off she went in the morning while the guys spent time together. After behaving well and a lovely nap, the boys decided to surprise Mummy so instead of waiting for her to come pick us up we took the bus to Mummy's office!

It's nice and easy cos the 66 goes straight from our home to BRMC. Both boys got rather hot waiting for the bus though, and Dad had to figure out how to hold baby, carry stroller and baby bag, and tap EZ Link cards while getting on and off. Phew! It was fun and Ethan loved all the new sights and sounds. He almost liked it as much as Mummy did when we surprised her!

blurred photo taken with one hand on moving bus while steadying wriggly baby

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