Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Sleep Routines

It's been a joy watching Ethan growing and learning how to do new things every other week. However with his greater awareness of the world around and a growing ability to control it, he has also acquired the ability to keep himself awake through sheer willpower (and the insatiable desire to play play play!) Being awake is just so much more fun than sleeping, and here he is 45 minutes after being put down for his nap and looking as bright as a lark!

So far nap times have required a of patience and there are times when we fall asleep before he does! Still, we are persevering in trying to get Ethan into a morning and afternoon nap routine, as it is likely to get harder the older and more active he gets.

We are still trying to figure out how best to work the routine, but here are a few things we learnt that Ethan likes at bed/nap times :
  • a bottle of warm milk seems to calm him while helping him feel full and comfortable
  • his nappy blanket which he likes for us to 'tuck, tuck, tuck' him into
  • a calming song (sometimes he sings along!)
  • his pacifier (although we try to use it as a last resort)
  • a quiet and boring environment (so there is less incentive to stay awake)

Do share any sleep tips that have worked for you -- we would love to hear your suggestions!

He's just fallen asleep behind me about 1 hour after I first put him down -- Peace on Earth at last!!

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