Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Swimming is Fun

It's been a few weeks since we've been swimming so last Sunday off we went to the pool. Ethan's taking to the water well, becoming a little more confident each time. On this occasion he splashed and kicked lots more as he's now much stronger. He got water all over his face doing this but didn't mind too much. I don't think he's ready to put his head under water any time soon though...

He seemed to like being in Daddy's arms more than being in his boat however. He kept trying to peer out and even climb out to get back into that lovely looking water! Very brave, but defintely not ready yet.

Of course, Ethan always loves being on Daddy's shoulders where he gets a fistful of hair as well as a whole new perspective on the world. We do this a lot when going out now cos Ethan can sit up better, but Daddy still needs to hold onto his shoulder or his torso for safety.

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